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_Heart _ single release date is coming on Monday!! Followed by a special announcement
Back at it again 😎 Excited to be playing with such a Array of Talent!!!! Scream for me!!! 戻ることで再びタレ
Ep Heart24
Singer _vtaliev  on avperfect day
_hellokitty  _hellokitty_food  Keroppi macaroon _3  from the hello kitty food truck _3 #hellokitty #
Watching Fantastic Beasts y'all!! Lmao!! 😭😂😝 #musician #music #fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem
Promo video behind the scenes _dogmanic_recording_studios  thank you guys couldn't of picked a bette
Open mic chill night! #Koukla #peace #blondie #chill
Carla the vocal Kittie she is my back up vocalist. Writing session today! So happy to have some time
Vocals today! _) soon my friends ...
Yes my hair is a reck right now! But I got the P
Here in Soflo we got a saying we all crazy because the sun lives here and it's melted our minds _3
Ooh snap!! Snap chat!! Feeling this golden butterfly filter _3 stay fresh y'all! #ilovejapan #singer
Make sure to check out my new tutorial on ze YouTube for this fun halloween Fairy look! Search Talie
Me and Jimmy we go way back
Yes my hair is a reck right now! But I got the P